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About Us

Why the name Ambrosia Juicery

In Greek mythology, regardless of the adaption, there are Gods and mortals. Their (Gods) appearances may differ, but one thing that has always remained pretty much the same is the depiction of Ambrosia. Ambrosia is food that only the Gods are allowed to dine on. If a mere mortal consumed Ambrosia S/He will become immortal. The image of Ambrosia is always shown as some kind of fruit, usually a peach or apple or grapes. As mortals in reality, the best foods that can extend our longevity and resemble Ambrosia are fruits and vegetables; directly from earth's soil without interference from humans. As such, the company Ambrosia Juicery LLC was born!

Our Cleansing Juices

At Ambrosia Juicery, we strive to give you the healthiest juices we can craft. Our approach is "3/4 vegetables" and "1/4 Fruit." While the natural sugars of fruits are healthy for the human body in its natural (unrefined) form, studies show that not enough people consume vegetables. Therefore each juice is created to ensure enough vegetables are consumed, but just enough fruit to offset the bitterness and compliment the juice.

About Our Nut Milk

At Ambrosia Juicery, we offer you and smoothies that are natural and homemade without any: preservatives, gums, additives or chemicals; that includes our organic nut milk. To ensure our nut milk is pure, we create it on a daily basis to make sure it is fresh just for you!


Ambrosia Juicery LLC does not assume any responsibility for any injury or illnesses, caused directly or indirectly by information and/or advice provided from but not limited to: the company, its associates, website, social media posts and etcetera. All information provided are from the founder’s own research and personal experience. The information provided are based on holistic ideologies and is NOT INTENDED to replace medical advice and attention. If you have and/or experiencing ailments of any sorts, please seek out your primary healthcare provider.

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